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After years of being at the centre of lad culture, Lynx wanted to start demonstrating more maturity and understanding of modern guys. So, as a brand for young men, we decided to raise awareness of an issue that affects young men – male suicide.

Collaborating with the charity CALM, we revealed all the things men are happy to talk about to highlight the one thing they’re not.

Reactive and in real-time from man-buns to celebrity gaffes, guys’ social media is dominated by trivial topics – things that are ‘bigger’ than suicide. We drew attention to this using live social listening, adding whatever was trending at that moment into our creative across social, online display and outdoor. Our teams worked round the clock to ensure a new and up-to-date headline went live every two hours – reflecting the rate at which young men take their own lives in the UK. National campaign. Regional creative.

We created a custom-built system that not only allowed us to pull social media trends and publish them directly to DOOH sites, but to localise what went live across the UK. So when fog descended on London, sites across the capital instantly reflected this. *Nothing* is bigger than suicide.

Having grabbed people’s attention, we asked them to let us send a single, synchronised message (a ‘Thunderclap’) from their accounts. So on International Men’s Day, there was nothing bigger than suicide as we got #BIGGERISSUES trending across the UK and beyond. 

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The ripple effect Over 10 million people saw our campaign worldwide and awareness of male suicide rose 45% in the UK. It led to the first ever parliamentary debate on the issue and HRH Prince William contacted CALM to get involved. Plus, we saw perception of the brand change too, with positive social sentiment rising to 90%.