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Solidaris, one of Belgiums biggest healthcare providers needed help  to help them to enlighten their digital future. We needed to make a status on the current digital maturity of the company, by starting with a co-creative workshop, made up of the client’s Marketing team and our Stategists. The workshop was divided into 2 main phases :

1. Design thinking exercise and definition of the following work priorities

2. Theoretical & Inspirational session “Digital marketing and it’s trends in the next 10 years”

Our method was to start the customer journey through the current platform that Solidaris is offering to their clients. Many different pain points have been identified, but not only on the client experience side, but also malfunctioning current touchpoints that have greater repercussions on sales.

By using a concrete approach and the analysis of the current situation, we have come up with many observations and a first list of working priorities, both long term and short term.

Next to that, it’s not only about creating their tools to become the best healthcare provider with great client satisfaction on the market, but also about becoming a pioneer in the way these digital tools will be used today & tomorrow to make the lives of our clients easier.