Serviceplan implements brand campaign for Blistex


Serviceplan implements umbrella brand campaign for Blistex

Serviceplan Health & Life has designed and implemented a new umbrella brand campaign around the concept #LippenvonBlistex [lips by Blistex], which will be used when advertising all Blistex products in future. The campaign kicks off by focusing on advertising for the new “Lip Infusions” lip care range. 

Munich, 10 February 2020 — #LippenvonBlistex is the concept for Blistex’s new umbrella brand campaign, which will feature with all Blistex products going forward. At the start of the new campaign, the delta pronatura brand will present its new “Lip Infusions” care line. The campaign will focus on the two new products “Lip Infusions Hydration” and “Lip Infusions Nourish”, with which Blistex plans to further boost its market position. The agency Serviceplan Health and Life is responsible for the repositioning, creative concept and realisation of the umbrella brand campaign. Two agencies from the Munich House of Communication are responsible for media strategy and planning: Mediaplus and Mediascale. The advertising materials themselves include print features in relevant public media and online measures.

“The new communication platform gives us the opportunity to present all key products in a flexible, target group-oriented and emotional way”, says Lars Rudnik, Head of Marketing at HBC.

“Blistex is a strong brand that represents high-quality products and has repeatedly asserted itself as a trendsetter in a dynamic competitive environment”, says Florian Bernsdorf, Managing Partner of Serviceplan Health & Life. “We are proud to be able to further strengthen this position with our umbrella brand campaign.”

About Blistex:

Blistex was founded in 1947 as a family-run business specialising in high-end lip care, and has been located in Oak Brook, Illinois since 1967. In Germany and Austria, Blistex has been exclusively distributed by the medium-sized branded goods company delta pronatura since 1973. Now in its fourth generation, the company employs over 400 people worldwide.

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