Serviceplan Health France Wins 3 Awards at Clio Awards 2019

Clio Awards 2019 Saforelle
Clio Awards 2019 Saforelle

Serviceplan Health France Wins 3 Awards for MISSING PAGE/Saforelle at Clio Awards 2019

A triumphant event for Serviceplan Health France who took home 3 awards at the recent Clio Awards Festival, with winners announced during a ceremony in New York City on 25 September.

Paris, 26 September 2019 — Serviceplan Health France have been awarded 1 Silver in the PR Cause Related category, and 2 Bronze for PR Brand Development and PR Corporate Image.

The ‘Missing Page’ project touches on a very important topic – awareness about female body. In France, only one out of eight official biology school text books correctly represents the female gender: the clitoris has historically been either absent or illustrated incorrectly in school books. In addition, most manuals do not provide an external view of the female genitalia. That’s why Serviceplan Health France conceived the idea of designing and inserting the anatomically correct missing page into biology schoolbooks in order to compensate for the incomplete information given before.

The Clio Awards is the esteemed international awards competition for the creative business. Founded in 1959, Clio Awards celebrate creative excellence and boundary-pushing work in advertising as well as the fields of sports, fashion, health. music and entertainment. 

View the case film here.

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