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  • Category

    Patient-centric Campaign
  • Industry

    Cold & Flu Non-Prescription Medicine
  • Client

    Hexal AG

Coughing affects everyone, which makes the target group correspondingly broad. The idea of addressing individual target groups on a case-by-case basis is nothing new in general - but it is in healthcare advertising. For ACC akut, we, for the first time, created a comprehensive dynamic online video campaign to achieve an even better campaign impact. The aim was to address the four main target groups in a highly personalized way, based on socio-demographic characteristics such as age and gender as well as interests and situations. We created realistic and relatable stories that would most likely be interrupted or disturbed by coughing and linked them to ACC akut’s mode of action. The different spots are data-based and get configured automatically. Each spot consists of five sub-segments, which are played out in predefined combinations according to the individual customer journey. 

We created a total of 24 dynamic videos for 4 target groups and 6 different situations. No matter how old, male or female, no matter whether families, couples or singles, each target group is addressed differently and individually.

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