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In France, only one out of eight biology schoolbooks correctly represent the female gender. The clitoris is either absent or illustrated incorrectly. In addition, most manuals do not provide an external view of the female genitalia. A question then arises: how to take care of your privacy if you don't know it?

This is the question that Serviceplan and Saforelle, a brand of products and treatments for women's intimate and personal hygiene, wanted to answer by launching the "The Missing Page" operation on the occasion of International Women's Rights Day, on March 8th, 2019.

The missing page, to be inserted into the schoolbooks, represents the female gender as accurately and completely as possible. It supplements biology schoolbooks in order to compensate for the incomplete information given before. "The Missing Page" is accompanied by a digital film in which mothers and their 16-year-old daughters participate in an educational experience: confronted with a female gender pattern without a legend and to be completed, the majority of them hesitate, make mistakes while also sharing moments of complicity.

Thanks to the film, the example of France opens the discussion on the knowledge of women's intimacy also in other countries, especially in social networks. Saforelle thus offers all women an educational and useful initiative, in line with its commitment to a better understanding of their intimacy.

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